Alan 赫顿 has agreed to pay his ex-agent an undisclosed fee, following allegations that he was frozen out of the deal that saw the player move from Glasgow Rangers to Tottenham.

Hopefully, this should prove to be a weight off 赫顿’的主意,因为玩家’我在过去的一个赛季中看到过,看起来像那里’有点困扰他。

如果要相信报道,赫顿没有’我真的很想离开流浪者队,即使他这样做了,考虑到亚历克斯·弗格森(Alex Ferguson)一直在称赞这位球员,所以他的首选目的地可能不是马刺队。然而,当赫顿到达巷子时,我立即被打动。这是一个充满节奏的后卫,他喜欢前进。他的防守看起来也很扎实,与大多数后卫不同,他’侏儒。似乎是高额费用,但现在看来是便宜货。

However, at Tottenham no player can spend more than a few months at the club without getting injured. By the time 赫顿 returned, we had signed Corluka and his first team spot was no longer assured.

The 4-4 game against Arsenal last season was the first sign that all was not well in the world of 赫顿. He looked very shaky and since then, he’从来没有真正回到我们刚加入俱乐部时所见的自信球员。

There have been well documented problems for 赫顿 off the field, such as the fight with his father, the dispute with his former agent and there were of course other ‘rumours’在他周围巡视。

赫顿’在马刺的职业生涯正处于十字路口。他’s getting some sporadic first team action when Corluka has to cover at centre back or when we need more thrust going forward, but if everyone if fit then 赫顿 is not going to make it to our first eleven.

列侬在Corluka的稳固发挥下表现出色,而Kyles在右后卫提供了更多掩护,’s hard to see 赫顿 having a long term future at Tottenham and it would be no surprise if he left in January or the summer.

This would be a shame, but 赫顿 would just be one of many talented players to have not quite fitted in at White Hart Lane. Let’只是希望他有一天能发挥自己的潜力,无论是’在热刺或其他地方。



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