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An “in-line” trail (350km with 8500m+), created for all mountain bikers who love the idea of crossing mountains, of reaching peaks of 2500m high, even the weather is not so good, even sometimes you have to push the bicycles, even you have to overnight in a mountain hut and in that day you...
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Transylvania includes central Romania, Transylvania’s hollow and that Carpathian slopes that bowed to it. Transylvania is by far the most romantic Romanian province. Mountains laced by time, cold streams, crystalline, dense and shady woods, wooden churches, legendary castles, memories of an...
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We are happy...full of energy...we are free to do what we like...mountain biking 100%. It is a hard trail...each day is long, technical, beautiful with a lot of ascents and downhills on single tracks! Is for you, if you have a lot of experience and if you like challenges. Do you want to try?
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Eight days - we are free to discover on our bikes the nature - old forests, single tracks, many species of flora and fauna, life of the countryside, traditional houses, traditional customs...
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“Noroc Romania” tours are run by two young MTB riders (brother and sister) who love the place where they live and who want to promote it, sharing with like-minded MTB riders the simple beauty and wilderness of this unique mountain haven. The trail " Noroc Romania - mountain bike" is our...
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