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Heike und Martin
Hallo Leute,

wir möchten Euch unsere Erfahrung mit Mountainbike Romania mitteilen.
Die Planung und Kommunikation im Vorfeld unserer Mountainbike Tour in den Karpaten war Bestens. Dan Andreea reagierte schnell und sehr kompetent.
Unsere Tour übertraf alle Erwartungen, landschaftlich wunderbar, die Gasthäuser sehr gut ausgewählt.
Der uns begleitende Guide Silviu war unser Supermann. Er unterstützte uns in allen Belangen und vermittelte uns den Flair der Karpaten. Die „Strapazen“ wurden mit naturell und kulturellen Sehenswürdigkeiten gemindert.
Dan Andreea und Silviu lieben die Karpaten und dies spürten wir während der tollen Tour.
Wenn Ihr eine super Zeit in den Karpaten erleben wollt, dann seid Ihr hier richtig aufgehoben.
Nochmals vielen Dank an Andreea und Silviu.
Liebe Grüße Heike, Martin, Emiko und Masahiko
2016-02-18, 20:38
Dave Miller
New Zeeland
Hi Andreea
I wanted to give you a more in depth feedback to help you with marketing, etc. I really liked Brasov and could see so much potential here for adventure tourism. I was disappointed in the lack of information in the 2 Brasov information centres I found about activities available in the area and also lack of knowledge of the area, poor presentation and very little in English.
But first if I can feedback on my experience with your company:
Website/search engines: good fun, informative website and comes up first in google search.
Initial contact-email: very friendly and helpful, willing to adapt and be flexible to suit me-huge selling point (bespoke trips).
Experience: wanting me to experience more than just mountain biking but the best of Brasov, with local guesthouses and food. a great selling point.
Information sharing: Could give more info on getting to Brasov, local currency, etc, things to avoid, things not to miss! (maybe a page on your website with this info?)
Arriving in Brasov train station, taxis will rip you off, not bound by the meter so avoid taxi and use bus. Buying bus ticket I didn’t know where or how and no one helpful at ticket place to explain. Nothing I could see in English, finally some random guy told me what to do. Wasn’t sure where to get off bus so worried I would miss it, name of guesthouse is old city pensuine? (Not guesthouse). Once there only cleaner lady to meet me so I didn’t get checked in, was just given room key, told no dinner, owner never came to find me. Tv in next room going loud all night interrupting sleep.
The 2nd time I went there (after the bike trip) I met the owner and he checked me in properly, very helpful, and a great cook, made an awesome dinner for me and amazing apple pie for dessert! The guesthouse is in a good location to explore the old city, Brasov old city is beautiful, has great walks on the hills around and the historic medieval aspects. The town centre is lively and has a cool modern vibe but not much nightlife on either Monday or Wednesday nights!
Guesthouse in mountains was lovely, hosts were very nice and welcoming and food was amazing, great experience being out in the village life, would have been nice to have more interaction with locals tho-like to eat/talk/drink with them instead of by myself.
Biking, awesome 2 days, would you say intermediate level? Perhaps give some more info on each days route rather than just the profile? 1st morning I was feeling sick from breakfast and struggled with the massive long steep uphill! But got better as went along. From a biking point of view I preferred the 2nd day as more technical and ups and downs throughout the day. Best part was the river section!
Both guides were super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable as well as willing to adapt, stop, etc as we went along. (And silviu going out of his way to bring my phone back to me was top service!)
So thank you again and let me know how else I might be able to help you. Do you have a facebook page? I would suggest you make one as that is easy to share here—everyone uses facebook here for that sort of thing. I will definitely promote you on facebook and twitter. (do you have a twitter account?)
I would love to see Brasov tourism be more organized with better information centres, brochures in English and including all the adventure tourism operators and activities. On a much bigger scale if the Romanian government tourism dept got involved they could market Brasov and the mountains to the English. Everyone in the UK has money for holidays and active holidays are getting more and more popular. If they knew they could fly to Bucharest and get a fast train to Brasov (or a direct flight to Brasov if the airport was built) and then they could go climbing, biking, rafting, hiking, bungy jumping and other adventure activities then I could see Brasov becoming the adventure capital of Eastern Europe, if not of all Europe. The culture and food and scenery already make it a winning destination!
Dave Miller
2015-08-03, 19:21
ciaran lynch
We had a really great week of good Romanian hospitality ,the food was excellent . The biking was some of the best I have ever done,
The experience was just great I have no problem in recommending this company for their care and enthusiasm for what they do .It was a great experience.
2015-06-26, 22:13
Richard de Lange
I\'m still dreaming of the most beautiful MTB-(downhill) lines in our tour in the Karpaten. All created with real passion by Andreea and Dani of Mountainbike Romania.
2014-10-27, 22:42
Frank Peters
Great team, that supported us from arrival to departure. Dani knows every track and can adapt the tour to everybodies needs. Great accomodations. Highly recommended!!
2014-10-27, 22:42
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